Here are some I want to celebrate!

“As a contestant on ABC’s television show The Bachelorette and then the lead on The Bachelor, I was very concerned about both looking and feeling my best. Lindsay helped me achieve this by offering excellent nutritional counseling that was specifically tailored to my concerns and best suited for my body. It has been one of the most exciting, but also stressful, times of my life, and her guidance has helped put me at ease in this area. She was warm and understanding when we discussed my health concerns, and gave me confidence regarding my wellness. She is highly knowledgeable about wellness and nutrition and gave me excellent ideas on what foods will best nourish my body, as well as some wonderful lifestyle tips. I recommend anyone who is interested in optimizing their health to connect with her.”
“My husband and I did a Couple’s Health Coaching Program with Lindsay. When we started, I had the goals of eating healthier and exercising more. I can gladly say that exercise has become much more central in my lifestyle and I am generally eating healthier most of the time! Lindsay is a very positive health coach. She always was so encouraging to us. I would absolutely recommend Lindsay to my friends and family.”
“My wife and I did a Couple’s Health Coaching Program with Lindsay. My goals were to eat healthier, to incorporate more exercise into my life, and in general to develop a plan for healthy living for my future. Lindsay was able to help me with these goals by providing resources on nutrition, exercise and give me other helpful tips. Since working with her, I have noticed an increased desire to live healthier, I exercise more consistently, and I choose healthier foods. I’ve even been able to cut my blood sugar medication dosage in half! Lindsay is energetic, creative, encouraging, and resourceful—I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to gain knowledge about getting healthier and is committed to a healthier lifestyle!”
“If you want help with your wellness goals or just need an extra push, Lindsay is the coach for you. When I set out on my program with her, my main goals were to run a 5K, develop good habits for weekly meal planning and eating, and learn strategies to make my work environment more positive. She helped me meet all of these goals, plus more by creating small steps that built up to these goals and keeping me accountable. In the six months that we worked together I have noticed some big changes. My attitude about running and my physical abilities, both with running and in the gym, have really improved. I used to dread meal planning and grocery shopping, but my mentality has completely shifted in this area. I now enjoy planning healthy meals and shopping for the foods to make them because she has helped me put strategies in place that make things smoother and easier. Lindsay is friendly, encouraging, and kind-hearted. I love her holistic approach to coaching—it’s not all about food and exercise. She will help you with those, but many other areas of life as well. For example, she helped me reach my goals of playing the ukulele and writing encouraging notes to co-workers. She also helped me achieve better work-life balance by giving me ideas on how to work “smarter, not harder.” I recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thanks Lindsay!”
“I started going to Lindsay because she had shared with me about her gluten intolerance a few times and how diet change had helped her. I have struggled with digestive problems for over 30 years and wanted to see if she could help me. I always looked forward to meeting with Lindsay. She is good at asking the right kinds of questions, a good listener, very knowledgable, and helped me be accountable but showed a lot of grace when I didn’t always meet my goals. Lindsay is also very likable and passionate about her job as a health coach. I found out some good things about myself from meeting with Lindsay, have started on a probiotic and some other supplements, and am more careful about the foods I am putting in to my body. Lindsay definitely helped me and I’m so glad I went to her.”
“I have been on a wonderful health journey with Lindsay the last six months. I always feel very comfortable and confident when we have our meetings. My main goals during the program were weight loss tips, exercise, and general health information. We have gone over several things all of which I felt were always relevant to my progress. She’s helped me in more ways than just that. She has taught me that good health doesn’t just mean being physically fit but happy in all areas of your life too. We have conquered many challenges together and I would recommend her to anyone. She has opened my eyes to a healthier lifestyle and a new passion!”
“When I first started working with Lindsay, my goals were to lose weight and learn how to eat better. At just over halfway through her program, I am within one and a half pounds of my goal weight, a number I haven’t seen in ten years! I can truly say I am making much better choices with my eating habits! Lindsay has supported me by keeping me accountable, making helpful and doable recommendations, and educating me on health and nutrition. I have enjoyed trying new nutritious foods, and also have learned how to incorporate healthy eating when I am going out to eat. I have learned how to listen to my hunger cues and only eat until I am full, and I am noticing that I am less hungry between meals! I have also been surprised by the growth I experienced beyond just eating differently and losing weight. Lindsay really creates a safe space where I feel comfortable opening up and discussing things that I don’t discuss with many other people. She challenges me without being judgmental and is very encouraging. I know she genuinely cares about me and wants me to succeed. Our sessions are a highlight of my week, and I think that anyone who wants to improve their health could benefit from her coaching.”